Following the success of her first play, Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine, Amy Escobar brings Seattle audiences another eerie fantasia filled with old school theatrical magic. This time, she is starring in her own version of the classic haunted house tale, articulating the felt experience of hauntings that linger in the body and are passed down from generation to generation.

We Go Mad features multiple puppetry techniques including cinematic shadow puppetry, modified bunraku, and object manipulation, to bring this enchanted world to life.

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Escobar and company use their puppetry skills to evoke a horror movie on the stage in front of us. This is puppetry looking at the intertwined dynamics of love and madness.
— Mark Douglass, Drama in the Hood
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The devil and sarah blackwater

The Devil and Sarah Blackwater is a new musical by Anthea Carns and Lauren Freman.

Singer-songwriter Sarah Blackwater's tour is rudely interrupted when the Devil comes calling about a debt: The eternal soul of her partner, Sam. In this genre-spanning musical, Sarah goes through hell and back, to discover what's really worth holding onto.


Praise for The Devil and Sarah Blackwater:

Any time Freman is on stage is absolutely electric. She’s a stunning performer.
— Seanan McGuire, New york Times Bestselling author
Remarkably clever and nuanced lyrics.
— seanan mcguire, New york times bestselling author

Breathe Slow, from The Devil and Sarah Blackwater

Season (Bottle) Opener, Solo Bar, 2018

The songs are wonderful...Anytime Sarah is singing in her concert capacity or singing about her relationships, it was great.
— jay irwin, broadway world

the heron ensemble

The HERON ensemble is a multidisciplinary theater ensemble fostering a culture of empathy, authenticity, and innovation from the inside out.


Praise for the HERON ensemble:

Somehow the ensemble made the material seem so fresh and new...somehow they managed to find the beating heart of the emotions of the words in such a beautiful, energetic new way.
— Maggie Lee, playwright
They are in that 10% that are pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.
— Brett Love, Dark Set Films
Their work is flawless. The list of people I say this about is very short, and I don’t say it unless I mean it.
— Kairu Yao, arts supporter